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Services We Offer

Home-based outpatient Physical Therapy

Our main operation is to provide home-based outpatient physical therapy. Much like a typical outpatient physical therapy clinic, we bill your insurance or collect cash payment per visit. Unlike a brick and mortar clinic which can often only provide 10-45 minutes of one on one time with a Physical Therapist, we are able to spend as much time as we need to per session (Likely resulting in needing fewer visits overall). In addition to being able to stay as long as necessary per session, we also treat patients in the convenience of their homes or at an agreed upon public location. At this time we accept Medicare and Medicare supplemental plans as well as cash payment.


What home-based outpatient physical therapy entails

Inititally we will speak over the phone and schedule an inital evaluation. After collecting all necessary paperwork and insurance information we will meet in the convience of your own home. I will perform an evaluation and provide an initial home exercise plan. From there we will schedule a follow up visit or visits. Patient's may be seen once or for as many visits deemed necessary, with the goal of restoring your physical function long term.

Senior Therapy
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